Better comfort and energy costs start with the right HVAC. Understand how heating, cooling and airflow all directly contribute to the energy efficiency and tenant comfort of your commercial building.

Quick Jumps

  • Very High Efficiency Dedicated Outside Air Systems

    Dedicated outside air systems (DOAS) separate heating and cooling from the ventilation system to allow for optimal control of each of these critical building functions. Building on the DOAS concept, a very high efficiency DOAS includes heat recovery ventilation and focuses on increased equipment efficiency and optimized system design. When compared to a code-minimum system upgrade, very high efficiency DOAS can reduce commercial building energy use by an average of 36%, and HVAC energy use by an average of 65%.


  • Efficient Gas Rooftop Units

    Rooftop units (RTUs) supply heating and/or cooling to meet the thermal comfort requirements of commercial buildings. Inherently convenient, RTUs package heating, cooling and ventilation equipment together in a space that is accessible to technicians without taking up precious real estate. However, most RTUs are using much more energy than necessary. Efficient gas RTUs incorporate a combination of energy-saving features to reduce annual HVAC energy use by up to 40%.

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