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Owners of the Mani Brothers 14-story, 232,476 sq. ft. commercial office building in West Hollywood, CA, were having problems with their potable water booster pumps. A pump audit was performed and the information was used to select the optimum replacement pump system.

Delta Q of La Habra, CA, was contacted for assistance in selecting a replacement system that would meet the needs of the building owners. Delta Q requested a Pump Audit from Grundfos Pumps to obtain a system profile. Grundfos Pumps installed a power meter and strap-on flow meter to log the system’s power and flow profile. The equipment was left in place for seven days, then removed from the system and the data analyzed by a Grundfos Pump auditor.

Most pumping systems in commercial buildings are oversized and inefficient because the primary system sizing tool (Hunters Curve/fixture unit count) is an imprecise estimate of maximum flow – it does not address the system performance profile. An audit of the system allows the selection of an optimum pumping system for the job.

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